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the professional quality of the site sets my page apart from other actor's personal sites.

maintaining my personal website is easy, even for someone who is completely computer illiterate!

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Super low price of only $100!!!  Free setup!!!
What is your website worth to you?

We believe that the mark of a successful website is one that sets the focus on you not the site itself.  myLimelight.net has a collection of original websites thoughtfully designed to present your personal content in an artistic and professional manner.  No cheesey gimmicks, no obnoxious attention-grabbers.  This is your lime light.

Our website packages include:

Your choice of our original website designs!
Check out our selection of designs below, and choose the one that best matches your style.  The best part is, you can switch your design easily and at any time using our instant Updater service!  We're always working on creating new designs, so check back from time to time to see what style speaks to you!
Any combination of standard subpages – no extra cost!
Your website includes a home page, photos, bio, news, press, music, reel, links, and/or a contact page!  Don't need a reel or music?  Want to skip on the bio?  You can always add them later, whenever you want!  If there is a page that you would like that we currently don't offer - please let us know!
Your own individual domain name - "yourname.myLimelight.net"
Make yourself memorable with a simple, personalized domain name.  Because it's a subdomain of myLimelight.net, there's less competition and a much greater chance that your name will be available.  However, as an extra feature, we can also help you with the setup of your own unique ".com" address.  If you choose to have your own domain, such as "www.yourname.com", this feature only costs an additional $10/year.
Your own email address - "yourname@myLimelight.net"
Get the upper hand with an easy to remember email address!  This simply serves as an alias, redirecting messages to your preffered email service (i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc.), eliminating the need to relearn or setup a brand new email account.  You get to stick with the inbox where you're most comfortable!  With the extra personal domain feature you can even have a matching email address, such as yourname@yourname.com!
Web hosting for a whole year!
Once we finish creating your site, it goes right to the web!  That's no worries for another 365 days.  We'll send you a friendly reminder when it's time to renew your hosting at the low annual price of $100!
Unlimited updates!
We recognize that the key advantage of having a website is its ability to stay fresh and up to date!  Why should that cost you more?  Take control with our unlimited update freedom!  Our uniquely designed online Updater gives you instant access to maintaining your website content, and is extremely simple and easy to use!

In Summary:

  • Your website for one low price of $100/year
  • Your personal domain name (www.yourname.com) - $10/year
  • Your choice of subpages - FREE
  • Setup - FREE
  • Updates - FREE

Choose from our original website designs!