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Welcome! myLimelight.net is dedicated to providing artists with professional websites at truly artist friendly prices. †Heard that before? †Then donít take my word for it, see for yourself!

You need a website!

That is why you’re here, isn’t it?  There are of course many benefits to having your own website:

  • Give agents and directors 24/7 access to headshots, resumes, news, reels, and more!
  • Dust free guarantee!  Your site won’t get lost in the bottom of a pile on your agent’s desk.
  • Always fresh – your website won’t go stale or out of date like that headshot & resume you mailed that director three years ago.
  • Save money on headshot reprints, demo CD/DVDs, and mailings.  Put them all online!
  • Okay there are many, many more great reasons – but I think you’re convinced.

So, clearly, a website is a good thing to have.

Yes, but there are even more benefits to starting your website with myLimelight.net!

Low hosting cost!
Many design services will ask for obscene monthly prices - or charge seemingly small amounts that add up before you know it.  We'll put your website online for one low annual fee of $100!  That's one simple payment, easy to remember, and of course at an unbeatably low price!
No setup cost!
Why should we charge an arm and a leg?  As an artist I'm sure you'll need them more than we do!  We'll set up your website for free - all you pay for is hosting.  You won't find a price that low anywhere else.
Personalized domain name!
That includes a matching email address too!  You'll be surfing your new site at an easy to remember "yourname.myLimelight.net", as well as having the convenience of emails sent to "yourname@myLimelight.net"!  Even more personal domain names (i.e. "www.yourname.com") are availble for just a little extra.
Unlimited updates!
Many services will charge for every new photo or text update you make to your website after it's initial creation.  Doesn't that defeat the point of a website in the first place?  Replace out of date headshots, resumes, and information on your website anytime, free of charge!
Your choice of pages!
You'll find that the base price of many website design services includes only a minimal home page, and every additional page costs a ton extra!  With our website packages, you choose exactly which pages you want!  Starting simple?  You can always add pages later at no extra cost!
No hassle!
Don't have the time or the know how to get started?  You don't need to know a thing about website design!  Just provide us with the neccesary personal information and materials, and sit back comfortably as we make it as simple as can be - all while you maintain complete control!
Free media conversion!
Getting photos, music, or video material internet-ready isn't your job.  We'll work with whatever format you are able to provide us to build your site how it was meant to be.  All for free, of course!

You’re unique.  So are we.

So you’ve just graduated college – or maybe you passed on school and went right out to make it in the big time!  Maybe you’re just starting out in the artist circuit, or perhaps you already have an amazing career – just no way to show it.  Here at myLimelight, we understand your situation and are ready to provide the answer.  Our websites are perfect for artists of all backgrounds – actors, singers, models, studio artists, musicians, and more.  Whatever your background, our sites are just right for you.